Water Meters

Hamdon Energy Solutions is a supplier of water submetering systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications. These applications include tenant sub-metering or management of large loads, such as irrigation and cooling systems. Water meters can be supplied as stand-alone, manual read meters or as part of a complete automated system. Top quality meters that will ensure NSF-61 compliance for any meter used for consumption.

Need help with installation? Our experts will supply and integrate new water systems with existing meter systems as well as new or existing automation units and software. When the project is finalized, Measurement Canada accreditation is obtained for testing, installation and verification.



For stand-alone and large commercial water submetering applications, Hamdon supplies Mastermeter ultrasonic and wireless water meters.

Master Meter is unique in that we borrow from our decades of global leadership in solving the challenges of water utilities to craft innovative, patented submetering solutions that serve multi-tenant property owners and RBC companies. Our interoperable solutions are available with Master Meter’s 3G AMR or 3rd party systems.

All meters come with a digital pulse output.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of meter sizes: from ¾” to 6”.
  • High Accuracy so utility costs are recovered: Badger meters meet all AWWA standards.
  • NSF-61 approval.

Stand-Alone Meters

Some properties only require a few water meters to monitor key tenants or house loads. Hamdon stocks inline, manual read water meters ranging from 3/4″ to 3 for these applications. Hamdon also supplies insertion water meters for larger pipe sizes. Contact us for price and delivery on these meters.


water submetering systems hamdon submetering

For automated water submetering systems, Hamdon supplies GWF M-Bus enabled meters. This Swiss-made meter line offers top-of-the-line accuracy and reliability. M-Bus communications provide absolute register reads, which ensures meter data integrity.

Key Features:

  • Swiss made: quality products provide longer meter life and improved accuracy.
  • Wide range of meter sizes: from ¾” to 6”.
  • High Accuracy so utility costs are recovered: GWF Water solutions meet EN 14154 standards for accuracy – MID (EN1434) is what Measurement Canada will base Canadian standards upon.
  • Installation cost savings: M-Bus provides substantial savings over traditional pulse wiring, especially when thermal and water meters are grouped on one network.
  • Fool-proof wiring: polarity neutral and disconnection is immediately detected.
  • Absolute Data removes lost reads and bill disputes: M-Bus ensures automated systems do not loose consumption values on the meter – the actual register read is what is transmitted.