Why Should Developers, Property Managers and Electrical Contractors Choose Hamdon’s Utility Submetering?

When given the opportunity to see their energy usage with utility submetering, a tenant or owner, on average, will reduce their energy consumption by 20%, resulting in…

  • Increased Tenant Satisfaction
  • Control of Skyrocketing Costs
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Attraction of Energy Conscious Organizations

Utility Submetering — It’s that simple. Call  (780) 448-0074 or request Hamdon Submetering’s utility submetering price guide below.

Utility Submetering Edmonton Alberta

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What Are People Saying About Hamdon Submetering?

“Their system is very user-friendly and we would definitely reach out to Hamdon again for their services. In terms of data and communication, Omar was there to work through any issues I had.” — Dan, Muth Electrical Management

“In the dozen or so installations, to date, with Hamdon, the supply of their product and provision of their services has gone flawlessly.” — Jason Cook, JC Power Systems.