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Submetering provides a way for property managers, developers, and tenants to measure energy consumption. Submetering reports provide a way of billing tenants and analyzing energy efficiency. 1. What is submetering? Each property has a meter for recording utility usage. The collected information is then billed to the property owner or manager. Submetering is beneficial for [...]

Six Financial Benefits of Utility Submetering

Tracking utilities is a hassle. There’s not enough time in the day to find active solutions for tenant concerns as well as rising energy costs and building operating expenses.   Utility submetering provides a way of billing each tenant for their individual use of electrical, thermal, water and gas energy. With this information, both tenants [...]

The 4 Hottest Green Energy Trends in Alberta Right Now

The Alberta NDP government says Albertans have saved some $300 million in energy costs and avoided almost three million tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 as a result of its energy efficiency programs. In light of these figures, we want to explore today four of the hottest green energy trends taking shape in Alberta [...]

Building Relationships In Edmonton — Stadium Apartments by Red Brick

At Hamdon Submetering, we believe the relationships you build are the most important part of doing business in the Edmonton building and construction industry. That’s why we recently sat down with Kent Small, the project manager at Red Brick Group of Companies, who we had the pleasure of working with on their recently completed project, [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Assessing Your Building’s Energy Consumption

Today, energy tops the list of controllable costs in a majority of enterprises. Being energy-efficient can save you a good deal of money while ensuring that you are doing your bit for the environment each day. Just a few simple actions here and there can lead to reduction in energy costs by 10% to 20%. [...]

The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Submetering

Rising utility costs are one of the biggest areas of concern for property owners, property management companies and tenants. Installing a utility (water, gas, electricity, or thermal) submeter can help a property manager get accurate readings of individual utility usage, thereby leading to improved energy consumption habits. Rising Utility Costs – Why Tracking Consumption is [...]

Top 5 Upcoming Projects in Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the largest cities by area in North America, is Alberta’s capital, and is home to the largest urban park in Canada, the River Valley. Although more popular as an oil and gas city, construction has always been and will probably continue to be a big thing in Edmonton’s economy.   In [...]

How Submetering Can Benefit The Oil and Gas Industry

While submetering is traditionally used for mixed-use residential and business high-rises, or large blocks of commercial businesses, managed under a single property manager, there’s an important Albertan industry that is rarely in the same conversation as submetering, but could heavily benefit from it: the oil and gas industry. Wondering how your property or workcamp’s energy [...]

5 Reasons You Should Update Your Existing Building With Submetering

Commercial buildings gobble up energy like nobody’s business – and quite visibly for that matter. It’s no wonder then that staying on the right side of the energy consumption debate is becoming increasingly important for commercial property managers. >> [FREE DOWNLOAD] The 12 Point Checklist: Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Property << The following […]

Your Complete Guide to Educating Your Tenants on Submetering

Today’s property managers know their stuff. Not only do they recognize the importance of the green building trend, but they’re also highly aware of cost savings opportunities, the plain and simple kind. Utility submetering, offered by Hamdon Submetering, facilitates those. But why not get the tenants in on the scoop too? At Hamdon, we believe […]