Why Submeter?

Submetering helps reduce total energy consumption in your building by up to 34%

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Submetering provides a way for property managers, developers, and tenants to measure energy consumption. Submetering reports provide a way of billing tenants and analyzing energy efficiency. 1. What is submetering? Each property has a meter for recording utility usage. The collected information is then billed to the property owner or manager. Submetering is beneficial for [...]

Six Financial Benefits of Utility Submetering

Tracking utilities is a hassle. There’s not enough time in the day to find active solutions for tenant concerns as well as rising energy costs and building operating expenses.   Utility submetering provides a way of billing each tenant for their individual use of electrical, thermal, water and gas energy. With this information, both tenants [...]

The 4 Hottest Green Energy Trends in Alberta Right Now

The Alberta NDP government says Albertans have saved some $300 million in energy costs and avoided almost three million tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 as a result of its energy efficiency programs. In light of these figures, we want to explore today four of the hottest green energy trends taking shape in Alberta [...]