Tenant Billing

Tenant Submetering or Revenue Metering solutions deliver increased utility usage information, cost allocation and revenue opportunities enabled by state of the art Measurement Canada approved submetering equipment and services. Submetering can play a role in helping achieve sustainability goals through better utility usage information and reporting, through to tenant engagement.

Pay-For-Use Billing

Submetering enables a property to individually charge each tenant for their specific energy consumption and costs, s opposed to flat rate energy cost distribution, such as a square foot rate, pay-for-use billing charges each tenant fairly. Tenants pay for only what they use, so low energy consumers are not subsidizing the energy costs of high energy users within the property. In an average pay-for-use system, 70% of tenants have their energy bills decreased. Only the 30% who have higher than average consumption pay more.

Energy Conservation

As mentioned above, pay-for-use billing charges tenants for their actual consumption. As their consumption habits now impact them directly, tenants have a clear monetary incentive to save energy. Pay-for-use systems are proven to result in a 20% decrease in energy consumption, thereby saving them costs. This also decreases energy consumption and therefore GHG emissions from power plants, boilers, etc. Understanding their consumption patterns also gives commercial and residential energy users the knowledge necessary to implement green initiatives in their homes or businesses. Metering can show which loads are using excessive energy and how improving these loads can decrease this consumption.