Planning & Design

Planning and Design within the utility submetering arena begins with a needs analysis and factoring in the goals of the project. Hamdon works with clients to build a plan unique for their project. Using this initial plan, the team develops a material and labour budget using product and service option recommendations. All specification writing, system drawings (in CAD) and registration with Measurement Canada is provided. We look at the existing equipment (if any) and take that into account in the initial design. From there, a material and labour budget will be created using product and service option recommendations.

Before your submeter project launches, the team performs:


  • Audit of existing equipment.
  • Material and labour budgeting.
  • Initial meter system design and meter plan.
  • Recommendations on product and service options.
  • Specification writing.
  • System drawings.
  • Registration with Measurement Canada.

System Design, Budgeting, Deployment

Meter system deployment is not a common task for most property managers, operators, contractors or engineers. Cost effective and fully functional meter systems are a result of good design and good execution. As part of our service package, we will work with building operators, engineers and consultants to identify the necessary meter points, the correct communications option for your property, and the reporting software that best meets all of the system’s users’ needs. We can then provide a list of qualified electrical contractors for the installation of the meters and communications equipment and supervise the entire process. Upon completion of the installation, a site verification is conducted to ensure that the meters and communications have been installed correctly and tenant loads are properly identified. Certificates of Acceptance will be issued to the owner upon completion of the verification. As-built drawings can also be provided. Scheduled meter maintenance, inspections, and re-verifications can also be added to the project services.

Project Management

Project Management is a necessity when providing a turn-key metering system. Metering projects can require the input and organization of multiple stakeholders, including property managers, operators, electrical and mechanical contractors, energy managers, engineers, software providers, and tenants. Metering projects can also involve multiple stages, including design, deployment, commission and reporting. Without proficient project management, projects can go over budget, over time and not meet all stakeholder expectations. Hamdon and QLC will ensure that complex projects are completed in a systematic and inclusive manner by. l facilitating all aspects of the metering project, including:

  • Initial project review with all stakeholders of the meter system.
  • Project specifications, budgets and drawings.
  • Coordination of product delivery, contractors for installation and commissioning technicians.
  • Integration of meter system with new or existing software and reporting procedures.
  • Close-out meetings and as-built documentation.
  • Scheduling of project team meetings and preparation of project updates as needed.

Measurement Canada Testing

Measurement Canada approved meter sealing for the Quadlogic, Triacta, Carlo Gavazzi and Itron lines of meters is available. Measurement Canada meter testing and sealing is required if meters are to be used for revenue purposes. Third party meter testing services for utilities, property owners and contractors, who need to re-verify or test the accuracy of their existing meters is also provided.