During the implementation phase, electricity, water, thermal and gas meter systems are supplied and integrated with existing meter systems as well as new or existing automation units and software. When the project is finalized, Measurement Canada accreditation is obtained for testing, installation and verification.

Seamless Project Management

Hamdon Energy Solutions, can offer project management services  to ensure complex projects are completed in a systematic and inclusive manner. Our project managers will facilitate all aspects of the metering project, including:

  • Supply of new electrical, water, thermal and gas meter systems.
  • Integration of existing meters with new meter system.
  • Integration with new or existing building automation systems or Energy Management Softwares.
  • Total project management.
  • Can act as a General Contractor.
  • Measurement Canada Accredited Meter Testing, Installation and Verification.

Integration of Existing Meters

One of the first stages of a meter deployment is conducting an audit of any existing meters, communications infrastructure or reporting software on-site. If any of the existing equipment is operable and well-suited for the property’s current metering needs, these components will be integrated with any new equipment. This includes:

  • Integration of other venders’ sub-metering systems.
  • Upgrading communications options of older power meters.
  • Adding pulse outputs to existing water, gas or steam meters.
  • Connecting new meters to web-based energy management software.

Integration with Building Automation Systems

For many metering applications, integration with the Building Automation System (BAS) may be the most cost-effective way for the property to collect and report meter data. Hamdon Energy Solutions’ supplier, QLC, provides many of Canada’s top BAS companies with metering equipment for new construction or renovation projects and assists in the integration of the metering system. QLC has the equipment and expertise to communicate with any BAS provider, using various protocols, including:

  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet TCP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU

Whether for new construction or for integration with an existing system, we can assist the BAS contractor by:

  • Helping in the design of the meter system.
  • Specifying correct meter hardware and communications equipment.
  • Managing and verifying the meter installation.
  • Working with BAS technicians and engineers on the communications integration.
  • Validating meter data on BAS.

Measurement Canada Testing

Hamdon Energy Solutions’ supplier, QLC,  is a Measurement Canada accredited meter services provider. Measurement Canada approved meter sealing for the Quadlogic, Triacta, Carlo Gavazzi and Itron lines of meters is provided. Measurement Canada meter testing and sealing is required if meters are to be used for revenue purposes. Moreover, 3rd party meter testing services for utilities, property owners and contractors, who need to re-verify or test the accuracy of their existing meters is available and provided through QLC.

S-E-04 Inspections

Measurement Canada requires that any multi-customer meter system used for billing purposes is inspected to ensure it is installed in accordance with Measurement Canada procedures. The inspection is conducted by an Authorized Representative of Measurement Canada. Hamdon Energy Solutions’ supplier, QLC,  is an accredited organization authorized by Measurement Canada to perform S-E-04 inspections on Quadlogic Controls and Triacta Power Technologies multi-customer meter systems. More on Measurement Canada S-E-04 inspections.