Partnership Highlight

JC Power Systems & Muth Electrical Management

 November 28, 2017  4:20 PM


At Hamdon Submetering, we believe our success stems from our personal relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know our clients, and in turn, let them get to know us.

Because of this, we recently sat down with two of our Electrical Contractor clients and talked to them about their experience with us, our submetering, read and bill services, quadlogic, and our president, Omar Hamdon.

Here’s what they had to say.

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JC Power Systems

Our first conversation was with Jason Cook of JC Power Systems, which is an electrical contractor that provides a comprehensive range of contracting, design, and maintenance services to the greater Edmonton area.

They specialize in new construction for commercial developments, light industrial manufacturing, retail and healthcare facilities, design / build concept and construction, maintenance / service, and LED Re-Lite retrofits.

“In the dozen or so installations, to date, with Hamdon, the supply of their product and provision of their services has gone flawlessly.” — Jason Cook, JC Power Systems.


We’ve worked with JC Power on the a wide array of projects, including:

Windermere Health and Business Center

The Ambleside Centre

The Ambleside Centre is a commercial building that has 14 available spaces, all with separate read and bill options.

We asked Jason how Hamdon was different from other submetering companies, and where Omar exceeds, and he had this to say…

“From the time I met Omar, until now we (JC Powder) have yet to have a complaint.”


We both believe in similar foundations for how a company should be run.

“There are several things that are at the foundation of my company, how I deal with my customers, and Omar deals with them in the same fashion, and that’s why we’ve continued to use them and not sourced a comparable product.

One of them is being available to people. He’s always available for direction, communication, site visits, or providing us with a breakdown of how we should install the product.”

The second reason? We stand behind and support our products.

“Anytime there’s been a warranty issue or deficiency, we simply pass it to Omar and he’s assured us it will be taken care of.”

All in all, we wanted to know if they would recommend us to others, and he gave a resounding “absolutely.”

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Muth Electrical Management

Our second conversation was with Dan Mitchell of Muth Electrical Management, which is an electrical contracting business active for more than 20 years in Edmonton multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Like us, they believe in honesty, integrity, accountability, professionalism, pride, and mutual respect within business, making those qualities the foundation of Muth Electrical Management.

We’ve worked with Muth Electrical Management on a number of projects, including:

The Mayfair on Jasper is a mixed-use residential building with commercial space. It runs 10 storeys, has 238 suites, 191 parking stalls, and was completed on December 2016. You can find it on 10823 Jasper Ave.At this location, the developer wanted the ability to meter water, gas, and electricity to each individual unit, instead of a lump sum divided by sq. ft.

Symphony Tower

Currently under development,  Symphony Tower will have 27 storeys and 143 units and is located at 9706 and 106 st NW.


Located on the corner of 111th Street and Ellerslie Road, E’scapes is a collection of high-end condominiums, with 40 boutique-style sites in a four-storey building.

We wanted to know, in their eyes, how Hamdon is different.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

“In terms of data, communication, and being able to get a hold of Omar, it’s fairly easy to reach him and work through any issues you have. Their customer service is there.”

We wanted to know how Hamdon helps with the install process.

“Hamdon is always there for support. If there are any issues, they play a supportive role in the information side of things. With ours and Hamdon’s relationship, as we’re quite familiar with the product, it’s a cookie-cutter system, so we know how it will go.”

Like JC Power, we asked if Muth Electrical Management would recommend us, and similarly, we got back a strong “absolutely.”

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