Our Story

Helping build sustainable, conscious communities is our goal - our mission.

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Meet Omar Hamdon.

At Hamdon Submetering, our story begins with Omar Hamdon. Hailing from an engineering and business background, his transition into utility submetering came as he saw the opportunity for the future of expansion and sustainable growth in Edmonton, Alberta.

Having been in the community for more than 35 years, the connection and ties Omar has in the city from working with a multitude of different clients only grows more and more every day. Omar is a proud Edmontonian, and his dedication and commitment to the community showcase his passion for the city that he calls home.

Hamdon Submetering is dedicated to local development and expansion, and we want to help be a part of Edmonton and its surrounding areas as it builds and grows.

Hamdon Submetering is much more than just a utility submetering company.

Big or small, Hamdon Submetering is ready to take on any project that might come its way. Omar ensures that you have support from the start, and his expert advice is always just a phone call away whenever it might be needed, so contractors and developers can rest easy as they complete their various projects.

“Even though I am an engineer I enjoy going out to the sites, to the fields, and doing a lot of the work myself. I think it shows to who I am that I would be the one to do a lot of those jobs.” – Omar Hamdon

We care about the "little guys"

We care about growing and nurturing strong and lasting relationships to ensure your project flows smoothly from beginning to end. Our thorough follow-up service ensures you feel confident in your new submetering system even after it’s installed.  

Hamdon Submetering is invested in the future of Edmonton and invested in the future of its clients.

“Our best clients, our most loyal clients, are the ones that really take the time to get to know us, and in turn we take the time to know them.”

– Omar Hamdon

Instead of talking about our products, we like to talk about how we establish, maintain and grow healthy and sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our community-minded approach mixed with our excellent customer service gives you the best of both worlds: A world-class product, and a world-class partner.

Hamdon’s Core Values

Utility submetering is a step we can take to start building environmentally conscious communities together. Let’s work together to start creating sustainable, conscious communities in Alberta.

Looking to the Future

  • Commitment to the local community
  • Creating cost-effective communities
  • Sustainable growth and development