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As developers, you need reliable and accurate submetering to support the sale of our investment in your project.

Since different property types inherently require different metering systems and services, we offer property-specific services customized to meet your unique needs.

Multi-Residential Developments

From high-rise steel framed condominiums in dense urban environments to four-story, wood frame apartment buildings in the suburbs, every multi-residential project is different: different use, different form, different materials, different environments, different suites, and different requirements.

As such, our teams work with you to select and implement the right submetering solution for your property to support energy initiatives, keep costs down, meet sustainability requirements, and direct utility data appropriately and effectively. Plus, our intelligent submetering systems allow occupants to review their own energy consumption habits, helping them to make lifestyle changes that reduce their utility bills and support your sustainability objectives.


Whether your commercial development is a shop or warehouse, a mall or shopping centre, or an office building with retail outlets, your needs vary based on your building’s type, size, and number of available rental units. Hamdon has successfully planned, designed, and delivered state-of-the-art utility submetering systems that increase usage data and reporting, streamline energy cost allocation, and achieve sustainability objectives, all while exceeding Measurement Canada requirements. Regardless of your development’s complexity, Hamdon Submetering can provide submetering solutions tailored to your requirements and objectives that enhance property and utility management and reduce overall costs.

Superior utility management to improve energy costs and build environmentally conscious communities

As developers, making your properties attractive and valuable to investors and buyers is essential to your success. At Hamdon Submetering, our services are only second to the relationships we build with our clients – we’re invested in supporting you to reach your goals with your development.

In today’s market, that means offering superior utility management to improve energy costs and usage, while meeting industry sustainability standards if not building to achieve green building certification. Ultimately, you want your multi-residential or commercial development to promote energy conservation, reduce consumption, lower utility costs, and increase building efficiency – not just for your project costs and sales, but for your end client’s benefit.

Our intelligent submetering systems allow you to visually display and view your development’s consumption in real time, all the time.

Not only can building management and maintenance analyze consumption data for water, gas, electricity, and thermal use to realize areas for cost savings and energy reduction, but tenants can easily review their own consumption to identify lifestyle habits that are costing them more. Bringing Hamdon in at the design development stage allows us to design submetering systems that create savings, incentives, and control over energy consumption, and therefore, energy costs.

Hamdon Submetering can design your submetering system to suit your budget and energy goals

  • Write specs and/or produce submetering system drawings
  • Recommend the best products and services for your development
  • Register your system with Measurement Canada
  • Supply and install water, thermal, gas, and electrical submetering systems
  • Integrate our systems with your building automation systems and energy management program
  • Offer testing, verifying, and commissioning services and training on meter reading, software analysis and reporting, and system maintenance and management.   

Our Submetering services at a glance

  • A solution that connects all meters (water, gas, thermal, electrical) within one system to provide a central metering hub for energy measurement.
  • Designing, supplying, and installing property-specific submetering systems for water, thermal, gas, and electricity consumption for new developments – including budgeting and green building support.
  • Comprehensive testing and verifying for Measurement Canada.
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for sustainable buildings (LEED®, GreenGlobes, Energy Star).
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM) and BOMA.
  • Implementation and integration of submetering systems’ hardware and software.
  • Straightforward utility reading, reporting, and billing along with system and software training.
  • Online energy management program for data reporting and analysis.