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Since different property types inherently require different metering systems and services, we offer submetering contractors with property-specific services in multi-residential, commercial, and institutional construction projects customized to help meet your clients’ needs and budgets.

Multi-Residential Properties

From high-rise steel framed condominiums in dense urban environments to four-story, wood frame apartment buildings in the suburbs, every multi-residential project is different: different use, different form, different materials, different environments, different suites, and different requirements. As such, our teams work with you to select and implement the right submetering solution for your client’s project requirements.

Our services aren’t limited to new construction either – in fact, we can upgrade and retrofit utility submetering systems in existing buildings to improve efficiency, reporting, and budgeting. Plus, clients love our intelligent submetering systems which allow tenants to review their own energy consumption habits, helping them to make lifestyle changes that reduce their utility bills and support sustainability objectives.

Commercial Properties

Whether you’re working on a shop or warehouse, a mall or shopping centre, or an office building with retail outlets, each project’s needs vary based on the building’s type, size, and number of available rental units. Hamdon has successfully planned, designed, and delivered state-of-the-art utility submetering systems that increase usage data and reporting, streamline energy cost allocation, and achieve sustainability objectives, all while exceeding Measurement Canada requirements. Regardless of the project’s complexity, Hamdon can provide submetering solutions tailored to the requirements and objectives that enhance property and utility management and reduce overall costs..

Institutional Properties

Hospitals, educational facilities, correctional facilities, and other institutional properties tend to be massive – in size and complexity. Working in these facilities is challenging, so partnering with the right contractor to properly install a submetering solution in an existing facility or new build is crucial to achieving your client’s budget and sustainability goals. In today’s energy climate, institutional properties are endlessly undergoing renovations and upgrades (particularly to meet LEED® or GreenGlobes requirements) and you can confidently rely on Hamdon to work efficiently, effectively, and conscientiously in these facilities.

Plus, our advanced submetering systems allow your clients to track and assess consumption in order to create sustainability programs that realize and support consumption reductions to internally allocate and manage costs, meet energy goals for LEED® or GreenGlobes certification, and improve overall building systems’ performance and management. Submetering systems offer unparalleled and precise data on usage times, energy demands, and load efficiencies, so your clients can analyze the data and effect consumption changes or anticipate high demands.

As a contractor, Albertans need reliable and accurate submetering as well as quality workmanship, fair pricing, and superior results to deliver your clients the best.

Partnering with Contractors to Offer Your Clients Intelligent Submetering Solutions

As submetering contractors, securing work on multi-residential, commercial, and institutional projects, you want to offer your clients the very best: a simple, straightforward submetering solution that will add immeasurable value to the work you do and provide them with a system that doesn’t just meet their needs, but exceeds them. We give your clients the best, by giving you the best. Focusing on building relationships with submetering contractors that is based on professionalism, integrity, and respect, we partner with you on every project. As experts in designing, installing, and managing submetering systems, we integrate our design with your team’s work on the project – whether you engage us at the outset or mid-project.

Our utility submetering systems are intelligent solutions that allow us to integrate them with building automation and energy management software, while also creating a user-friendly experience that your clients will love.

As your partners on the sub-metering aspect of your project, we work with your teams to install, test, verify, and commission the work while providing your client’s building management/maintenance team with training on how to view data, run reports, and identify opportunities for consumption reductions and cost savings. Making you look good is our job and we’re happy to provide the insight and information you need to secure the work and complete it beyond your clients’ expectations.

Our Submetering Services at a Glance

  • A solution that connects all meters (water, gas, thermal, electrical) within one system to provide a central metering hub for energy measurement and management.
  • Designing, supplying, and installing property-specific submetering systems for water, thermal, gas, and electricity consumption for construction projects – including electrical metering equipment like socket meters, panel meters, current transformers, and energy displays.
  • Quick turnarounds on product selection and pricing inquiries as well as estimates for bids and custom projects.
  • Comprehensive testing and verifying for Measurement Canada.
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for sustainable buildings (LEED®, GreenGlobes, Energy Star).
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM) and BOMA.
  • Project management services for large or complex projects.
  • Implementation and integration of submetering systems’ hardware and software.
  • Straightforward utility reading, reporting, and billing along with system and software training.
  • Online energy management program for data reporting and analysis.
  • Timely and comprehensive warranty management and resolution services.