submetering consultants canada
  • A solution that connects all meters (water, gas, thermal, electrical) within one system to provide a central metering hub for energy measurement.
  • Designing, supplying, and installing property-specific submetering systems for water, thermal, gas, and electricity consumption for construction projects – including electrical metering equipment like socket meters, panel meters, current transformers, and energy displays.
  • Comprehensive testing and verifying for Measurement Canada.
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for sustainable buildings (LEED®, GreenGlobes, Energy Star).
  • Compatible submetering systems and expertise for Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM) and BOMA.
  • Project management and general contractor services for large or complex projects.
  • Implementation and integration of submetering systems’ hardware and software.
  • Straightforward utility reading, reporting, and billing along with system and software training.
  • Online energy management program for data reporting and analysis.

Our Submetering Services at a Glance

Whether your client’s project is multi-residential, commercial, or institutional, we have the experience and expertise necessary to provide submetering consultants with a streamlined and straightforward sub-metering solution for their projects.

As a submetering consultant, mechanical and/or electrical engineer you’re responsible for assessing and determining the best utility submetering for your clients’ new build or retrofit project. Making critical decisions about a building’s sustainability, energy management, and consumption requires support and expertise to allow you to look at the bigger picture.

As experts in our field, we don’t just build submetering systems, we build relationships.

You can confidently rely on Hamdon Submetering to invest wholeheartedly in your project and to deliver utility submetering services – from design through to maintenance – that will enhance your overall energy and sustainability program.