Why Submeter?

Utility Submetering helps reduce total energy consumption in your building by up to 34%

Utility submetering is a step we can take to start building environmentally conscious communities together by monitoring and saving energy.

Studies show, when given the opportunity to see their energy usage, a tenant or resident, on average, will reduce their energy consumption by 20%, resulting in cost-savings, improved energy efficiency, and lower emissions.

Let’s work together to start creating sustainable, conscious communities in Edmonton and Alberta.

Increase Tenant Satisfaction

Control Skyrocketing Costs

Reduce Energy Consumption

Attract Energy Conscious Organizations

“In the dozen or so installations, to date, with Hamdon, the supply of their product and provision of their services has gone flawlessly.” — Jason Cook, JC Power Systems.

Some Of Our Valued Alberta Customers

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utility submetering clients circuit electric
utility submetering clients jc power systems
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utility submetering clients qualico

As cost-control experts, we’re open and transparent about our pricing.


Remotely access, evaluate, and monitor your tenants individual energy usage through our online portal.

No longer do you have to have go to the physical location to evaluate your tenant’s energy usage. With Hamdon Submetering, we provide Alberta companies with intelligent and intuitive data for your residential, commercial and industrial clients.

“Their system is very user-friendly and we would definitely reach out to Hamdon again for their services. In terms of data and communication, Omar was there to work through any issues I had.” — Dan, Muth Electrical Management


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